Tracy Newman's CD for kids, Shoebox Town, wins four awards in 2018.

Shoebox Town

“Shoebox Town” is the second release in the children’s series RUN ALONG HOME Songs by Tracy Newman. Released in June 2018, this CD continues to celebrate the “unhurried childhood.” With time-honored songs that are served up in an uncomplicated manner that young people can understand, it is bound to become the soundtrack of their childhood! Daughter, Charlotte Dean, contributes the original artwork. And, once again, the musical arrangements are fresh and whimsical with vocal harmonies that are candy to the ears.

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Hide and Seek – a sweet description of the time-honored game children love. It even includes the old phrase “Olly, olly, oxen free!” Bob McClurg wrote the lyrics and it’s my music.

Little Bitty Fish – this little fish wants to get bigger, go to school and then wander to a bigger pond. I was fooling around with a few chords on my guitar, and this song was the result.

Shoebox Town – How to build one in your bedroom, from my personal experience. In the song I say that my brother helped me, but in real life, that wasn’t true. He was older and not much interested in what I was doing. But he sure loved it when I was finished!

I Love a Carousel – if you want to feel like you’re riding on a carousel, this song will do it.  “Going up and down and all around…” The words are written by Mollie Stone and the music is by David Stone. This is a great sing-along.

I’m Not Small – Every kid wants to feel big sometimes, and this is about that fantasy. My sister, Laraine is the other voice on this recording. The song is written by Marcia Berman. Years ago, I was the nursery school teacher for her twin boys.

Dance Like a Lady – the perfect children’s activity song. It tells the children to walk like a turtle or hop like a bunny or dance like a lady. Once they learn this one, they’ll make up their own verses.

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Aren’t You Glad You’ve Got a Friend? – I wrote this song based on a memory of something my daughter Charlotte made up when she was little; then I found a video of Charlotte singing that original version. You can hear my little Charlotte singing at the end of this song!

Sticky Little Lollipop – this follows the sticky goo of a lollipop all over the house. The chorus says, “Everything you do lives on after you…”

Don’t Let Time Catch Me – Lots of wonderful outdoor pictures in this song, as the singer tries to outrun time. The songwriter is Beth Fitchet Wood.

Magic Penny – Malvina Reynolds wrote this, and I love singing it. What is more valuable than love?

Zilli Billionaire – Although, wouldn’t it be nice to have all the money in the world?

Sing Along With Me – This is a true nonsense song. It will be amazing if your child can learn all the unrelated words to this one! I don’t know what made me write this one… I was just in a silly mood, I think.

Here in Hawaii – A child’s first trip to Hawaii. All of the things to see. The way the air and water feel on your skin.

In Stillness Watch – “In stillness watch the wonders of the world in motion…” My friend Jim Lashly wrote this song many years ago. When I decided to put lullabies on this CD, I knew I’d include this one.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep – In English, and then in French, a quiet song about falling asleep and dreaming. I wrote the English words and Edward Auslender came up with this beautiful melody, and the words in French. (He’s from France.) He produced this whole CD, too.

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