Sing With Me

Sing With Me is the third CD in the multi-award-winning children's series RUN ALONG HOME ~ Songs for Kids by Tracy Newman. In true Tracy fashion, this collection is infectious and fun and once again filled with age-appropriate songs that celebrate the unhurried childhood and teach as well as entertain.

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I Like to Walk My Dinosaur This song begins with the dinosaur growling, so be prepared for that. It’s about how much fun it is to have a pet dinosaur and walk it through town. How it is so big and strong and gentle at the same time.

Birdie, Fly Down Down written by Patty Zeitlin. A repetitive little tune. I sing a verse, and then a young girl name Zoe sings one, and then her little brother, Leo. A total sing-along. Really fun!

Sing With Me written by John Zipperer. The title song on the CD about how singing along can make everyone feel better. John has come up with a great sing-along chorus.

Daisy’s Baby Sister –  About how Daisy was the baby, but now that she has a little sister, she’s not the baby anymore. She loves being the big sister!

The Ice Cream Man a nostalgic song about what it was like when I was little and the ice cream truck came around. A fudge bar was 10 or 25 cents back then! They’re a little more expensive these days, aren’t they?

I Hope You Get a Chance to Ride a Train I took the train from Los Angeles to Seattle a few years ago, and it reminded me of how much fun I had on trains when I was little. I hope little kids of today get a chance to experience a train ride while trains are still around.

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Zulu Warrior An old African folk song I learned at camp many years ago. Apparently, the words have changed and been watered down over the years. A fun group sing-along.

Halle and I I was obsessed with horses when I was a little girl. What I’ve written here is what I wish had been true. I wish I’d had a friend with horses who invited me to ride with her and her dad on the weekends.

Walking Bear This is about the day my grandson first started walking. I was inspired by his attitude. He was so proud of himself. And he knew the song was about him. Whenever I sang the song, he walked around with a little bounce to his step.

Cheese I love cheese and cheese is the common denominator of many great dishes. So this is a song all about cheese! I even sing a long list of cheese names near the end.

Tilapia  I’ve never eaten tilapia to my knowledge, but I was enjoying saying the word and then singing it, so this song is the result of that. I like to sing the chorus. I hope you sing it with me!

Hey Ho Just a fun little ditty about making friends and a bit of nonsense. “All the pollywoggies go swish, swish, swish… swimmin’ in the shallow shore.” That’s fun to sing. The whole song is fun to sing!

The Smile Song One day, I was feeling like I never smile, which is not true, but it felt that way. The first line I thought of was “Somewhere along the way I lost a month of smiles.” I built the song from that.

Crooked Man –  My friend Pamela Polland wrote this from the nursery rhyme. She continued the story. I learned it many, many years ago, and knew that I would one day record it. Here it is!

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away  I live in Los Angeles, and we’re always in a draught. It was raining very hard one night, and I had to go out, so the old saying came to my mind – Rain, rain, go away. But then, I thought – No! We desperately need the rain, so I thought, “rain, rain, don’t go away!” Then I thought about how scary it must be to a little one when the rain hits the roof with so much power, so I combined those thoughts.

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