Run Along Home with Tracy Newman

Tracy Newman grew up in Los Angeles. She started playing guitar at 14, usually sitting on the diving board of her family’s pool, strumming for hours each day. Back then she was mostly influenced by the Kingston Trio, because she could actually play some of their songs, especially “Tom Dooley” which had, and still has, only two chords...

Growing Up

Tracy has been playing guitar and collecting folk songs all of her life. As a teen she led summer camp sing-alongs; in her 20s she performed in a PBS children's educational music series called ``What's New``; in her 30s she taught nursery school and ran the singing programs. She now performs regularly at schools where the kids learn the songs from her CDs and sing along in joyous refrain!

A Prolific Career in Comedy

Tracy Newman is a founding member of the L.A.-based improv group, The Groundlings, which has become the farm company for SNL. She began writing TV comedy in 1990 with writing partner, Jonathan Stark. Shows included Cheers, Bob, The Nanny, Ellen, and The Drew Carey Show. In 1997, they won an Emmy and Peabody Award for writing the groundbreaking “coming out” episode of Ellen. In 2001, they created the hit ABC comedy, According to Jim. Tracy is now back to music full time.

Returning to her first love:

Award-winning Children's Music

Tracy Newman’s I Can Swing Forever (for children ages 0-7) garnered four awards in 2015: the Parents' Choice Foundation Gold Award, Creative Child Magazine’s CD of the Year, the National Parenting Publication Awards (NAPPA) Gold Award, and Dr. Toy's Best Classic.

Creative Child Magazine’s Awards are determined through evaluations by moms, music educators and early education professionals. Over a hundred guest reviewers evaluate each product. Based on the scores and comments, products are then determined to be a finalist for DVD, CD, Book, Game and Toy of the Year. Only one product per category can win. I Can Swing Forever was the sole winner of Creative Child’s CD of the Year Award, and now ``Shoebox Town`` has captured the award for 2018.

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About Tracy's New Company

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