2018 Tillywig Award for Shoebox Town

TILLYWIG Award for Shoebox Town!

The remarkable appeal of Tracy Newman’s album, ‘Shoebox Town,’ stems in part from the way in which its songs so adeptly convey the magic with which youngsters experience the world. Catchy lyrics, rich harmonies, and carefully crafted melodies seamlessly serve up a variety of joyful moods and themes related to childhood.

The title tune, in which a young girl turns a shoebox into an imaginary restaurant and then quickly expands it (with the help of her brother) into an entire town, is a prime example.

Another is ‘I Love a Carousel,’ a song in which every nuance, from its calliope-like opening right down to the descriptive lyrics and vocal melody’s lilting and leaping, takes the listener on a remarkably vivid journey.

There are plenty of other standouts, 15 fabulous compositions in all. Song after song, Ms. Newman & company accomplish musical alchemy that leaves listeners blissfully immersed in stories told through gorgeous vocals, skillful songwriting, and a wealth of expertly performed, predominantly acoustic instrumentation.