2018 NAPPA Award for Shoebox Town

NAPPA Award for Shoebox Town!

From the National Parenting Products Award music judge:

“What will you find in Shoebox Town? There will be a “little bitty fish (in a) little bitty pond,” a “zilli billionaire,” and “a sticky little lollipop (and) a little kitten curled up in daddy’s shoes.” It also has old-fashioned amusements like a “magic penny” and a merry carousel down by a pier. Tracy Newman’s follow-up to her equally excellent I Can Swing Forever reveals her gift for writing songs filled with a kid-like sense of wonder and whimsy that are dusted lightly with some gentle messages too. On the title track, for example, she lovingly sings about making her “Shoebox Town,” complete with a cereal bowl pool, while also portraying the brother as being helpful (and not destructive) to his sister’s creation. Newman makes Shoebox Town a great place to visit.

Shoebox Town by Tracy Newman