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Come on down to Bedroom Avenue


Emmy®-winning writer Tracy Newman shines a light on the magic of simple, everyday childhood.

“My mom gave me an old brown shoebox to do with what I want.
One, two, three – I got the idea to build a little restaurant.” – from “Shoebox Town”

(Los Angeles, CA – July 2018) Tracy Newman releases Shoebox Town, the 2nd CD in her children’s series RUN ALONG HOME. This CD continues to celebrate the “unhurried childhood.” With time-honored songs that are served up in an uncomplicated manner that young people can understand, it is bound to become the soundtrack of their childhood! Daughter, Charlotte Dean, contributes the original artwork.

Tracy evokes the sheer joy and sense of wonder at seeing the world through a child’s eye with her friendly, engaging vocals. You are immediately drawn in by musical arrangements that are fresh and whimsical and vocal harmonies that are candy to the ears. Every song has a melody that is easy to remember and paints a picture as vivid as if you were right there!

Complete with a calliope-like intro, “I Love a Carousel” will make you feel like you are “Going up and down and all around” while “Hide and Seek” brings to life the classic game complete with “Olly, olly, oxen free!” Children are told to walk like a turtle or hop like a bunny in the sing-along “Dance Like a Lady,” and “Sticky Little Lollipop” follows the sticky goo of a lollipop all around the house! Ever just want a silly, nonsensical song? Look no further than “Sing Along With Me.” Rounding out the CD are a couple of bedtime offerings including “Sleep, Sleep, Sleep,” a quiet song about falling asleep and dreaming – in English and French.

Tracy’s first foray into children’s music, I Can Swing Forever CD, was honored with four national awards, including Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold and NAPPA Gold, and received rave reviews. Shoebox Town is well on its way with nods from NAPPA, Creative Child Magazine, Parents’ Choice, and Tillywig Awards.

Tracy Newman has had a prolific writing and producing career. She is a founding member of the LA-based improv group, The Groundlings, which has become the farm company for SNL. She began writing TV comedy in 1990 with writing partner, Jonathan Stark. Shows included Cheers, Bob, The Nanny, Ellen and The Drew Carey Show. In 1997, they won an Emmy and Peabody Award for writing the groundbreaking “coming out” episode of Ellen. In 2001, they created the hit ABC comedy, According to Jim. Tracy is back to music now, full time.

“I always loved writing songs and singing my thoughts to people. It’s such an easy way to convey feelings. When I left TV, I never intended to stop writing, so it was natural for me to return to songwriting. When my daughter was little, I loved singing to her. When I started recording songs for grown-ups, it just made sense for me to record some for children, too. And the idea that my daughter might illustrate the songs for me was so exciting. Hence, the birth of RUN ALONG HOME!” says Tracy.

Press Release for Shoebox Town, New CD for Kids by Tracy Newman

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Title: Shoebox Town • Artist: Tracy Newman • Total running time: 43:28
Release Date: June 15, 2018 • Suggested Retail Price: $